The Importance of Hiring An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

June 14, 2019 @ 11:16 pm

Getting arrested and charged with a crime can be quite a shock to some people. That shock along with not understanding the criminal justice system can cause a defendant to make some mistakes. One of those mistakes is not hiring a lawyer to defend them against the charges.

Why Not Use A Public Defender?

Public defenders are trained lawyers, so why shouldn’t a defendant use one to help with their case? There are a few reasons to not rely on public defenders. These are lawyers who are often overworked and tasked with handling more cases than they really should. It’s hard to provide an effective defense when juggling too many clients. Anyone who needs legal help can visit Vinas & Graham.


One of the biggest mistakes that a defendant can make is relying on a public defender because they feel they can’t afford to hire a lawyer. Lawyers understand that fighting a case can be expensive. As such, some attorneys offer flexible payment arrangements. A defendant won’t know about any payment arrangements that are available unless they start calling around and talking to attorneys in the area. Defendants shouldn’t give up before they get started.

Hiring A Lawyer As Soon As Possible

People don’t understand that lawyers can help before authorities actually file charges. Getting a lawyer involved after an arrest might help to get a person out of custody without charges even being filed. Although it doesn’t happen all the time, lawyers do help avoid criminal charges so it’s worth a try. Lawyers can review evidence and talk matters over with police. They can show police that there are flaws in the case that will come out in court.

A Plea Deal

A skilled attorney can negotiate a plea deal for their client. Plea deals are effective tools because they can get charges reduced or dropped. Plea deals also help defendants avoid time behind bars. A defendant who is facing serious charges might be relying on a favorable plea deal.

A defendant should never enter a courtroom without having an attorney by their side. The lawyer should be someone they hired and trust to do a solid job.

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